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If you’re still not sure if coaching is right for you, don’t take it from me.
Check out the testimonials below to read what others say about their coaching experience.


We saw a change from the very first visit. Our daughter uses practical and realistic strategies to this day. Caroline looks at the whole person and their family to understand the issues and she genuinely cares about the outcomes.

Hannah's mum

Caroline provided an insightful perspective into my major life changes. She always tried to help me become a better version of myself. I appreciate her invaluable and honest feedback and wonderful tools and techniques. Thanks to her constant support, I have grown immensely – both personally and professionally, and I feel more comfortable with advocating for myself.
Monica, 36

I have become more confident, knowing what I really want and motivated. I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I am truly capable of. And that my handicap isn’t an obstacle, so I apply that to make progress in my future projects to prove that I can do it.
Lara, 22

Caroline is a wonderful mentor who taught my daughter excellent tools to manage her anxiety, how to understand and appreciate different friendships, and most importantly how to be kinder to herself. She will have these skills for life.
Claudia’s mum

He has enjoyed creating a resume, cooking healthy meals from recipes, and learned wonderful skills on how to be more independent. He has increased his belief that he can now do things he thought he could never do.
Ethan's mum

His confidence grew, he became more himself and proudly so. She put the finishing touches on our boy to go out into the world and thrive! So much so that I have also started to work with Caroline myself!

Arlo's mum

You were the perfect fit for my son when he was drowning in that massive tide of overwhelm.
Remy's mum

She has a deeper sense of self-worth; her relationships have matured, and she is noticeably happier. It sincerely has been really valuable for my daughter and all the great work has flowed through to the rest of the family, too!
Luciana's mum

Life Coaching was the most powerful gift I was able to give my daughter. With Caroline’s coaching my daughter is blossoming into the confident, caring, and compassionate girl she was meant to be.
Katia's mum

Caroline has a way of bringing out the best qualities of anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with her due to her genuine interest and empathy. She coached me during some of my biggest struggles and doubts. Thank you so much Caroline! Keep on Shining!
Nick, 28

Being coached by Caroline was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. She’s very supportive and thorough and has greatly helped to boost my confidence and motivation for making a career change. Her willingness to share her own experiences is empowering as an effective and open-minded coach.
Kasra, 42

I’ve had previous coaches both good and not so and could truly appreciate Caroline’s experience and all the great work we did together. Being incredibly empathetic, Caroline made my transition to a web development career relatively smooth and was extremely helpful! I will miss our regular zoom-sessions!
Irina, 36

I work with :


Teens 13-19 yrs


Young Adults 20-30yrs


Neurodivergent; ADD, ADHD, Asperger, Autism


Parents of and parents with


Adults making life changes


The SELF Project is based in two locations; in Redfern, NSW 2016 close to Sydney CBD and train station, and Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023 in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Each location is available for face-to-face sessions or we can schedule online via Zoom.