The Process

Available online nationwide and face-to-face in two Sydney locations.


Choosing to go on a Personal Journey, get Help & Support, or take a New Path in life, allows space and time to explore your identity and ‘Wheel of Life’, through a 6, 9,12, or 18 weekly coaching process, attended for one or two hours per week. The free initial 20-minute discovery call will determine if you feel there is a potential fit with Caroline and the coaching process.


A suitable time is made to meet with Caroline and you, the parents/guardian (if your child is under 18), or just you (if you’re over 18) for 60-90 minutes, for an Intake to learn about my new client, what coaching needs are required and for you to ask and have answered any further questions.


The Intake session is charged and paid via direct deposit at the time. Further packages are booked and paid for in advance via direct deposit as a discounted package. Caroline assesses and recommends the best number of sessions for your/your child’s needs. The package prices reflect a reduction in price the more sessions that are booked.


These are attended once, or maybe twice a week for approximately an hour or sometimes 2 hours at a time (double session) for more intense crises. Sometimes they continue over one hour if something ‘comes up for the client and we need to have closure on an issue. Prior to commencing, I outline confidentiality and mandatory reporting. Each session direction is determined by the ‘client’ if there are issues of the day, or we work to a program based on the ‘Wheel of Life’ that will offer multiple outcomes. You may not yet have realised they existed or were within your control to change.


At the end of each session, the client assesses their ‘take away’ for the day and is given ‘life work’; an exercise, tool, or strategy to try out for the coming week and report back on in the next session. They are held accountable to complete the ‘life work’ but ultimately it is their choice.


At the end of our time together, we revisit the ‘Wheel of Life’, identify how and where the successes have been, goals achieved, and acknowledge the changes they have observed in themselves. In addition, I send a written report to the parent/s to involve them in the outcomes. As the process holds the client’s confidence, only the outline is provided to open up a conversation at home.

As things come up in the future, be it a friendship ‘crisis’, time-managing exam periods, or having uncertainty over a big decision, I offer a ‘Maintenance’ package for those moments in time where one session helps to bring things back into perspective or to help put them back on their path. These are valid for one year, are booked in packs of 6, and used on an ‘as-needs’ basis.