Life Coaching for Teens, Young Adults & Parents

Holistic mentoring for all ages and stages.

Life Coaching for Teens, Young Adults & Parents

Holistic mentoring for all ages and stages.

Life Coaching for Teens, Young Adults & Parents

Holistic mentoring for all ages and stages.

Life Coaching for Teens, Young Adults & Parents

Holistic mentoring for all ages and stages.


Life Coaching

Tailored coaching experiences, focusing on specific topics & concerns.



Life Skilling

Creating pathways to a more independent future with greater confidence for any situation.



Parent Coaching

Private sessions developing strategies for a more harmonious household.




Reached a crossroad? Upskilling or looking for a new path later in life?


How coaching can help…

Face-to-face or online sessions

Work together online, nationwide OR face-to-face from a choice of two Sydney locations.

Confidence and Self-esteem

Confidence is an inside job and knowing who you are and what your worth is, builds that confidence daily.


Have and set goals large or small. Every goal set, every challenge reached, every achievement celebrated builds more self-belief.

Confidential, safe space

Enjoy a safe space to explore your identity, your needs, and your world, with total privacy.

Cultivate healthy friendships

Have the relationships you deserve with the people who make you feel good (and know the difference).

Healthy lifestyle choices

Good nutrition, regular exercise and ample sleep are all necessary to function, focus and respond with clarity.

Job prep & interview skills

Prepare for your new job with a great CV, your own unique brand and mock interviewing.

Weekly life work

Implement new learning after each session with tools, tasks, or strategies to try out and incorporate into your daily life.

Empathetic and solutions-focused

Gain a different perspective by sharing your issues, seeking the positives, setting goals & problem-solving together.

Cohesive family

Have your needs met and others’ needs too with the 3Cs: Communication, Collaboration & Compromise.

Life skilling

If you’re moving out or away from home, hitting milestones, need tips on managing life; finances, family, food, or friendships, Caroline’s here to help!

Aligns with other Therapies

Sharing approved information with other professionals will ensure aligned goals and parallel care.

Success Stories

“We saw a change from the very first visit…”

Our daughter uses practical and realistic strategies to this day. Caroline looks at the whole person and their family to understand the issues and she genuinely cares about the outcomes.”
Hannah's mum

“I have grown immensely - both personally & professionally…”

Caroline provided an insightful perspective into my major life changes. She always tried to help me become a better version of myself. I appreciate her invaluable and honest feedback and wonderful tools and techniques. Thanks to her constant support, I have grown immensely - both personally and professionally, and I feel more comfortable with advocating for myself.”
Monica, 36

“My handicap isn’t an obstacle…”

“I have become more confident, knowing what I really want and motivated. I've learned a lot about myself, what I am truly capable of. And that my handicap isn't an obstacle, so I apply that to make progress in my future projects to prove that I can do it.”
Lara, 22

“She will have these skills for life.”

“Caroline is a wonderful mentor who taught my daughter excellent tools to manage her anxiety, how to understand and appreciate different friendships, and most importantly how to be kinder to herself. She will have these skills for life.”
Claudia’s mum

Getting Started Is Easy…

Free Discovery call

Connect with Caroline for a free initial 20-minute discovery call to determine if there is a potential fit with your coach, you, your child, and the coaching process. 

Receive your Welcome Pack

Includes a pdf of the Ten Top Coaching Topics, ‘The Difference Between Coaching & Therapy’, and the packages and pricing available.

Initial Intake session

Parents only! Sit with Coach Caroline for a 60-90 minute meeting to share valuable information to assist in reaching desired results. Caroline will outline her proposed strategy & tools.

1st session: let the magic begin!

Watch your child blossom as they flow weekly through self-understanding, identifying unique strengths, building confidence, friendships, communications, resilience, and independence.


Meet your Coach, Mentor and Personal Cheerleader…

Hi! I’m Caroline.

Holistic life coach and mentor in Sydney

I’m so lucky! Every day, I have the privilege of accompanying people young and not so young on their personal journey to understanding and appreciating who they are now and who they want to be. I see stress levels, fears and uncertainties go down and self-belief, motivation, energy and confidence go up! Watching my clients come to realise their strengths, become better communicators, more self-aware, optimistic, with new mindsets and new goals makes my day. Oh, and it’s fun too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discovery Call?

A Discovery Call is a great opportunity to spend 20 minutes or so outlining your concerns and getting a feel for whether you or your child will gel with Caroline and the concept of life coaching with The SELF Project.


Having one or both parents/guardians able to freely express and explain their family dynamics, their child’s struggles, what their emotional, physical, and mental states are, how their social life is tracking and how they are managing their workloads makes it easier for me to assess the situation, recommend and suggest tools and strategies I might utilise, and work out ways in which I can best ‘connect’ with my client.

What is the recommended length of time to be coached?
I offer packages of 6, 9, 12, and 18 sessions depending on what I feel is most beneficial. Usually, the younger person is recommended to try 6 sessions across 6 weeks, whereas older clients suggest more sessions and across a longer period of time. Generally coaching is rated as most beneficial with a duration of 3-6 months.
What’s the difference between life coaching and therapy?

I think coaching can be therapeutic but not therapy. It focuses on the future and less on the past unless it is to use the negative experiences as a springboard to the future. Life coaching vs therapy doesn’t need to be a scary decision, they go hand in hand. I include some information on the differences in the Welcome Pack.

I’ve gained so much from my many lived experiences. My work life began in design, becoming a director at 25, going on to run my own consultancy, collaborating and working with teams and clients. Alongside working and bringing up a family, I mentored several young people in their careers. But I burned out and after a lot of soul-searching, pivoted my career to do something I truly love. I became accredited as a teen life coach through TeenWisdom USA™, studied Counselling and I continue to learn and self-educate with an innate curiosity and desire to improve.
How much does life coaching cost?

There are several options for coaching packages that reduce in price depending on how many sessions you book. Generally, each session is one hour long.

Contact Me

The SELF Project is based in two locations; in Redfern, NSW 2016 close to Sydney CBD and train station, and Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023 in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Each location is available for face-to-face sessions or we can schedule online via Zoom.